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Religious Education 

At Warren Farm R.E. is taught using Discovery RE. This is a scheme based on an Enquiry approach. It focuses on critical thinking skills and personal reflection into a child’s own thoughts and feelings. It increases subject knowledge and nurtures spiritual development, equipping our children for a world of diversity.

The children follow four steps:-

  1. Engagement – A key question is explored within the child’s own experience.
  2. Investigation – Gaining knowledge.
  3. Evaluation – Drawing together children’s learning and conclusions by assessment and observation.
  4. Reflection – Return to step 1 to reflect on how the enquiry might have influenced their belief.

Early Years

In the Early Years children are expected to have an awareness of the similarities and differences between themselves and others. This includes differences amongst their families, communities and traditions. In order to teach Religious Education we use the Discovery RE scheme of work.

Themes covered:-

Year 1 – Creation Story, Christmas and Jesus as a friend (Christianity)

Year 2 – What did Jesus teach? Christmas, (Christianity) and Prayer at home (Islam)

Year 3 – Easter (Christianity), Sharing and Community, Prayer and Worship (Sikhism)

Year 4 – Beliefs and Practices, Passover (Judaism) and Christmas (Christianity)

Year 5 – Easter, Beliefs and Practices (Christianity) and Prayer and Worship (Sikhism)

Year 6 – Salvation, Easter (Christianity) and Beliefs and moral values(Islam)