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At Warren Farm, children are encouraged to listen to, create and evaluate a diverse range of music. As well as ensuring they understand key vocabulary, they work on performing music to others and learn the history behind different voices and instruments.

Early Years
In the Early Years there is a big emphasis on singing songs and nursery rhymes. The children will have the opportunity to make music in a variety of ways as well as handling and playing musical instruments.

Key Stage 1
Children have opportunities to play musical instruments with a simple beat and rhythm and use their voices expressively and creatively within chants and rhymes. Listening to music, with concentration, from different periods of history, children will be taught to create and combine musical sounds.

Key Stage 2
Children will have the opportunity to use control and expression within their voices by singing solos and group ensembles. They will play musical instruments as well as listening with great aural detail to compositions. Children will appreciate a wide variety of music and understand the historical or cultural influences within it.