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Notice from West Midlands Police regarding Anti-Social Behaviour on Conker Island

From West Midlands Police

During the holidays we have seen an increase in anti-social behaviour around Conker Island, Warren Farm Road and McDonalds.  We have identified some of those involved and parents have been spoken too. However, recently and especially over the weekend, this group has grown in excess of 15 very young males, primary school age.  Their behaviour has now gone from silly ASB to serious offences such as Arson, Racially Aggravated Assault and Vehicle Crime.  We are extremely concerned that someone is going to get hurt or a life is lost.  We are also concerned that these young males maybe a victim of grooming by the older males in the group.

We ask every parent/guardian who live in the Kingstanding area and whose child/children go out with the friends during the evenings and weekends to please speak with them about the consequences of being involved and especially about peer pressure.  

Thank you

Kingstanding Police Team