Whats Happening

Parent Workshop feedback

‘Talk for Writing’ Parent Workshop 16.1.14


Just over 36 parents attended the workshop and 25 evaluation forms were filled out.


The workshop has given me a greater understanding of how my child/children are taught writing.

In response to the question above all parents answered yes with some parents adding further comments.

‘I think it’s a good teaching method and can understand how it works for the children’.

‘Now I know what to do to help’.


I now feel more confident about helping my child/children with writing and reading at home.


In response to the question above all parents answered yes, with one exception, with some parents adding further comments.

‘Gives me an insight into how to help my child’.

‘The programme has given me some insight about what is going on’.

‘It does not teach you how to help your child, only gives you an understanding of how your child is being taught’.

‘Would like some extra material to read about this’.

The latter parent was given hand out notes and information regarding the ‘Talk for Writing’ website. In response to the comments of how parents can help their children with writing at home we are now setting up an opportunity for parents to visit their child’s class every half term to see them perform their current text map and take a copy home to share with parents (see attached letter). In discussion with parents sharing the children’s text maps was important for them and therefore all but one parent answered yes to the question below.


I would like the opportunity to come into school to see my child/children learning a new story.

In response to this part of the evaluation form parents made a range of comments.



I liked the workshop today because……


‘It gives you an understanding into how teachers work hard to support my child’.


‘I like to be kept informed of new teaching ideas, so I can help my child further at home’.


‘’It is creating more knowledge about writing and other story telling’.

‘Nice to see how new ways of learning help’.

‘It has helped me to understand how my child learns and works at school’.

‘Get to see what children do in class’.

‘It helped me to understand how my children are working’.

‘Nice to see how new techniques work in helping children with their writing’.

‘I got to see my daughter and her work’.

‘It showed how the children are progressing in their writing’.

‘It gave me a better understanding of what my child is doing in school’.

‘It was very well presented’.

‘It was very, very, very good’

‘It gave me a better understanding of how the children are learning’.

‘I learnt about what my children are taught in school’.

‘I can help and understand my child at home when doing homework’.

‘It would help in teaching my child at home’.

‘It explained how my children do their work and enjoy themselves while they are at it’.

‘It gave us an insight into how our child is being taught and also an understanding’.

‘It has helped me understand more about the way it works’.

‘It involved the children demonstrating how to tell a story’.

‘It was helpful and good to see in practice’.

‘It helped me to understand what my child is learning and helps me to help my child’.


Parents noted several topics they would like future parent workshops to focus on.

  • Numbers/maths
  • How they can help their children after school
  • Sport
  • The curriculum
  • Spellings